Your partner in health!

We're committed to being your partner in health! At Kuishi avocado oil, we work hard to bring you the highest quality, sustainably sourced crude avocado oil. We are passionate about empowering the farmers in our community and making a difference in the world. One avocado at a time!

100% Heart friendly

It's good for you!

Sustainably sourced

It's good for the planet!

Fair trade

we value our farming partners!


Avocado scraps become fertilizer for local farms!

Our Products

Avocado oil Soap

Artisanal bar soap formulated with 100% unrefined, skin soothing avocado oil !

Pure Avocado Oil

Unrefined and freshly pressed avocado oil from local farms!

Fresh Avocados

Collected daily from our local farming partners and delivered straight to you!

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